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At Garden Savings we offer a range of services and solutions to meet your requirements


Commercial Grounds Maintenance Contracts




Fly-Tipping Removal (Inclusive of Wagon Body) for removal purposes


Waste Removal


Industrial Unit Clearances


Shopping Centre Maintenance


Key Benefits:

  • Supply and Delivery (Dug from the fields within an hour before delivery)

  • Supply,Delivery and Installation of Hedges (Inclusive of the removal of waste generated)

  • Trade prices on shrub/tree planting compost

Most Popular:

  • Berberis - (Picture 2) - Fast growing ideal for deterring potential intruders.

  • Beech - (Picture 3) A great colouful hedging often supplied in Green,Purple or our most popular colour Copper.

  • Hawthorn - Often used as a privacy hedging along with added security.

  • Laurel - One of the most popular choices for immediate height and very low maintenance

  • Laylandii - Fastest growing evergreen giving an immediate impact in height for privacy from being overlooked.

* Please feel free to contact us directly with any alternative options required.

New software our company has introduced into the business recently enabling improved communication and accountability between Garden Savings Ltd and our customers.

This added service and information is going to be pivotal in relation to further success of our business.

Key Benefits:

  • Scheduled Visits - Pre Scheduled Site Maintenance Visits.

  • Customer Alerts - Automated Message on Arrival and Departure from Site.

  • Planned Maintenance - Creating Awareness of Works to be Undertaken.

  • Staff Accountability - GPS Tracking on Maintenance Operatives

  • Customer Portal - Allowing Customers online access to view "Before" and "After" pictures on completion

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